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SEO for WordPress – Steps for Success

If you don’t have a plan to engage your audience, even the most fantastic content can feel like a voice crying in the wilderness, unappreciated and unnoticed. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) offers the roadmap to spotlighting your website, raising organic traffic levels, and ensuring your content gets the limelight it deserves. Sure, you probably have […]

How to rank your website with SEO comparison keywords

Today we’re sharing one of the best SEO strategies we use for acquiring links for clients. It boils down to targeting comparison keywords. What do we mean by ‘comparison keywords’? Here’s an example: say our client is in a competitive niche like yoga products, and they’re trying to get national or worldwide exposure. Here’s one […]

SEO for beginners

3.5 billion searches are performed on Google every single day. Seriously  no matter what you do  people are looking for your products and services on Google. Cell phone repair shop: 1,700 monthly searches. iPhone charger: 34,000 monthly searches. Best smartphone: 41,000 monthly searches. And these search volumes are only for US based searches. But here’s […]