seo comparison keywords

How to rank your website with SEO comparison keywords

Today we’re sharing one of the best SEO strategies we use for acquiring links for clients. It boils down to targeting comparison keywords.

What do we mean by ‘comparison keywords’? Here’s an example: say our client is in a competitive niche like yoga products, and they’re trying to get national or worldwide exposure. Here’s one thing we’d do:

  1. Find the three biggest brands in the field
  2. Create content optimized around “competitor vs client’s brand”
  3. Post content on client’s website
  4. Promote content via podcast outreach and/or content alliances (basically blogs in the niche that would find the content helpful.

Why does this work? First, there isn’t much competition for comparison keywords, unlike keywords for ‘yoga products’ or ‘yoga mats’. Second, people are already thinking about buying if they’re doing a competition-related search like ‘Gaiam yoga mat vs…’ they will often wait to see what autosuggest recommends.

The goal here is to build content comparing your (or your client’s) product name with the competitor, which, in time, will begin to rank.

In the meantime, reaching out to related blogs, podcasts and posting in FB groups is a great way to build organic links.
The article should be honest, helpful, and not overly-promotional. The goal here is to produce a piece of content that will help consumers see why buying from your client is a much wiser/cheaper/faster/etc process than with a well-known brand.

There’s a few more twists we add to this method, but we hope this gives you some ideas. Of course, if you’re really interested in ranking well, check out our PBN service here.